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Bryan Emerson, a Los Angeles women’s clothing designer, embraces a California style with a luxurious and artistic edge. Bryan has built her name by creating timeless shapes in gorgeous fabrics.


​Beginning in the late 80s Bryan’s first collection sold in the most prestigious stores in Los Angeles where customers such as Sharon Stone, Michele Pfeifer and Renee Russo embraced her soft fluid shapes. She soon developed a following and continued her success into the 90s selling to specialty stores across the country.


In the early 2000s Bryan took time out to start a family which also provided time for reflection, renewal and unforgettable life experiences. 


Now, Bryan is back in the market with her innate sense of what women want and need. Bryan, a true artist, is following her heart by creating a collection of beautiful, edgy yet sophisticated hand dyed and hand painted scarves and shawls.


Bryan’s ultra-soft, light weight jersey fabrics are made of viscose, cotton, linen, rayon and cashmere and are woven exclusively for her in California. Imported fabrics are silk chiffon, silk velvet and 100% cashmere. Each scarf is individually hand cut then hand dyed, dipped, twisted, splashed or painted. Known for her unusual and beautiful color palette these scarves have become a soft canvas for her art..


The final creation is a gorgeous lifestyle piece to love and wear forever….


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